Highest parking revenue generating streets in Toronto

31 May

ThisĀ  interactive map displays the 250 highest parking revenue generating streetsĀ  in the City of Toronto in 2015. Were you issued a parking ticket on these streets? Zoom in to find out how much revenue each street generated!

Below is a quick summary of the high revenue generating streets.

1090 Don Mills – Next to High end shopping plaza
# of Tickets – 2,797
Total Fine – $643,970
Avg fine/ticket – $230

1 Brimley Road – Next to Bluffers park
# of Tickets – 3,184
Total Fine – $384,740
Avg fine/ticket – $120

410 College Street – Sandwiched between 2 schools
# of Tickets – 941
Total Fine – $377,625
Avg fine/ticket – $400

2075 Bayview Avenue – Next to Sunnybrook Health Center
# of Tickets – 9,124
Total Fine – $274,600
Avg fine/ticket – $30

I encourage you to poke around the map to see if you can find any interesting patterns on how the Toronto City Parking authority is issuing parking tickets. There does seem to be a clear pattern of higher parking related revenue being generated close to hospitals, malls and schools. Perhaps there is a lack of parking facilities in this area? Or is this location highly targeted by parking enforcement officers for one reason or another?

In the future, I plan to drill down deeper into the available data to come up with conclusions about what the map visualizations tell us. Learn how I created this map here. Please share your feedback and comments below!

2 thoughts on “Highest parking revenue generating streets in Toronto

  1. Wow, I can’t believe it, My husband got a ticket when he drove his mom to a clinic at 410 College St. He even paid for a ticket and thought it was a permissible spot but when he returned to his car he saw the parking ticket for $450. He actually had to look around to see a faded handicapped sign. Your data leads me to believe that the city may be purposely using these hotspots as money pits rather than people are carelessly parking in spots that they should not use. My husband would not do that. There may be a bigger story here.

  2. Hey Susanna,

    Thanks for your comment. That is unfortunate and it is entirely possible that the signs are not well maintained by the city (intentionally or not) in this location and lead to a higher number of drivers parking in handicapped spots unknowingly. Might be worth a shot notifying the city that parking signs are not obvious in that location.

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