Interested in learning about data science?

Interested in learning about data science?
23 May

I am currently reading Getting Started with Data Science written by Murtaza Haider who is an Associate Professor at Ted Rogers School of Management. The book is written in a way to keep the reader interested in the material by solving fascinating problems such as “Are religious individuals more or less likely to have extramarital affairs” and “Does the higher price of cigarettes deter smoking?”.


I have read through the introduction and am on chapter 1  (“The Bazaar of Storytellers”) and so far the books keeps you really interested. One thing the author emphasizes significantly and repeatedly is the story telling aspect of data science and how important it is to be able to articulate a compelling narrative based on the new insight. I agree with the author on this as the entire premise of analytics is based on improving decision making within an organization. However, if an employee is unable to convince decision makers in an organization to take specific steps based on insights gleaned through analytics, then what is the point of investing in analytics?

More about the book

If you are still in 2 minds about getting this book on data science, watch this video where the author discusses his book at the IBM Insight 2015 Conference


The books has earned praise from leading minds in the analytics domain.

Thomas Davenport , co-founder of the International Institute for Analytics

“A coauthor and I once wrote that data scientists held ‘the sexiest job of the 21st century.’ This was not because of their inherent sex appeal, but because of their scarcity and value to organizations. This book may reduce the scarcity of data scientists, but it will certainly increase their value. It teaches many things, but most importantly it teaches how to tell a story with data.”

Munir A. Sheikh, former Chief Statistician of Canada

“The power of data, evidence, and analytics in improving decision-making for individuals, businesses, and governments is well known and well documented. However, there is a huge gap in the availability of material for those who should use data, evidence, and analytics but do not know how. This fascinating book plugs this gap, and I highly recommend it to those who know this field and those who want to learn.”


2 thoughts on “Interested in learning about data science?

  1. Hi Salman, Thank you for sharing your review. I’m also inspired by Prof. Haider’s perspective on story telling with data and analytics. In case you’re interested in exploring more about story telling with maps (like your reference in another blog post respecting Tweetsmap) you may be interested to explore the power of the Story Maps application: that’s freely available with ArcGIS Online I hope this helps. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Alan, for sharing your knowledge. I just browsed through the storymaps link and signed up for ArcGIS public account. This is quite an impressive tool and I plan to learn more about this by creating my own content. Thanks for sharing!

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